About Tom

Tom Wells  Life Coach & Public Speaker

Tom Wells
Life Coach & Public Speaker

Tom is a soul and heart on fire...

...he lives and breathes the words he speaks. He gives his all to his clients from a place of compassion and trust in his inner Source Self. When he interacts with others in his coaching, he sees and feels within them the essence of who they are as eternal beings, and skillfully leads them to their own realizations of their infinite possibilities.

"I have made massive strides in transforming my recent “Dark Night of the Soul” into the brilliant light of a “New Day”, from anxiety and worry… to ease, trust, and well-being; from intense struggle and disempowerment… to positive, empowered, forward momentum; from an overwhelming sense of lack and poverty… to a consciousness of wealth and abundance; from loneliness, shame, and blame… to deep self-love and unconditional self-worth."  

Explore the leading edge of being an infinite Soul/Spirit in a human body.

A Character Sketch of Tom:

Character means a lot to me. Several folks who love me dearly have been overheard to say, “That Tom is quite a character… if there ever was anyone who marches to the beat of their own drummer, that would be Tom!” I like this, because it's true!

I relish exploring the leading edge of my being an infinite Soul or Spirit in a human body, living here on this precious Earth. Ever since high school, there has been one overriding question that I have sought the answer for:  “What the heck am I doing here?”  Recently, more poetically, I have asked, “What's my unique song I came here to sing?”

Finding answers to the BIG Questions about life has been the driving force of so much that I have chosen to pursue:

    •    In college, I created my own unique Interdisciplinary Major. That choice, and that curriculum inspired me to a life of feeling free to continually choose to do things that felt good to me.

    •    Within days of my college ending, I hit the road as a hitchhiking, galaxy-exploring hippie on a sort of Soul Quest.  After two years of incredible adventures, my search came to a triumphant close when I finally found my “calling.”  Life and longing led me to a charming, life-altering spiritual Master from India. For the next 10 years I lived a celibate “monastic” life of sorts, serving as a community coordinator of his urban ashram-based communities throughout the US.

    •    When my days in the ashram came to an end, my longing to know myself and my purpose in the world was once again rekindled. I immersed myself in an avid fascination for studying a vast variety of psychological and spiritual self-help books and programs, which has continued till this day. The meditation I was shown when I was 23 by my teacher from India, has grounded my experience in inner peace throughout all these years.  I can never convey the value of such a gift.

Awaken from the Dark Night of the Soul. Go within to discover your inner light.

•    Shortly after leaving the monastic life behind, I created my own solopreneur business, which provided me with an excellent income and lifestyle for the next 30 years. During this time, I met the woman of my dreams, fell madly in love, moved to the suburbs of Boulder, Colorado, and over the span of 15 years, helped raise her three kids. I have been very blessed to have her and these incredible kids in my life.

    •    But the marriage was not destined to last. We chose to go our separate ways about the time our last child was leaving home. Adding to this unexpected life change, the divorce perfectly coincided with the end of my textbook business. As if that wasn’t enough, I was beset with debilitating health problems, which along with losing my home and a good part of my savings in the divorce, thrust me into a four-year long “adventure” I affectionately (and rather dramatically) call, The Dark Night of My Soul.  These four difficult years proved to be the toughest challenge of my life, even with my daily meditation and all the personal growth work I had done.

    •    Once again, I found myself on a Soul Journey to discover who I NOW was and what my heart was passionately longing to know. I journeyed to the Amazon to do ritual with the Achuar Indians, studied with two different shamans in the US, dove into Native American spirituality, immersed myself in several VisionQuests, and completed training in three forms of Life Coaching, including Conscious Living/Conscious Loving Coaching, 4 Gateways Archetypal Coaching, and Law of Attraction Coaching. It was all powerfully transformative.

    •    Since 2014, I have dedicated myself to studying and applying the Law of Attraction/Conscious Creation, as my spiritual path and my main coaching modality. I have made massive strides in transforming my “dark night” into the brilliant light of a “new day.” I have shifted from anxiety and worry…to ease, trust, and well-being; from intense struggle and disempowerment…to positive, empowered, forward momentum; from an overwhelming sense of lack and poverty…to a consciousness of wealth and abundance; from loneliness, shame, and blame…to deep self-love, unconditional self-worth, and lots of healthy relationships.

Quantum physics and Law of Attraction can assist your transformation and understanding the mystery of life.

    •    The most fundamental core of who I am has gone through a beautiful and profound paradigm shift because of my personal work and training with Law of Attraction principles and practices, as well as my avid study of Quantum Physics. I can unhesitatingly say that by living what I have learned, I am answering every question, mystery, and dilemma I have ever known in my life, including my questions about an afterlife. It is my passion and joy to help uplift your life by showing you how to live authentically in your own uniquely satisfying connection to your Source Self.

    •    It has taken a lot of dedication, a lot of appreciation, a lot of letting go, and a lot of realizing that there is an amazing, simple and beautiful way that life actually does work, in spite of its ups and downs! This has allowed me to develop my three-step “Inner Game of Conscious Creation” which I now use with my clients. It puts in your hands the ability to manifest the life you want to live, do what you love, and live the abundant lifestyle you desire, all free from constant worry and struggle. You will come to realize that at the core of who you truly are, You Are Joy…and from that feeling of Joy, everything that you desire, can easily flow to you!