My Life Coaching

“Your motion forward is inevitable; it must be. You cannot help but move forward. But you’re not here on a quest to move forward — you are here to experience outrageous joy.
That is why you are here.”
~ Abraham Hicks

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As a Life Coach, my mission is to soothe and uplift you into allowing yourself to choose feeling good as the foundation of creating the life you desire.  

I offer a safe, non-judgmental environment for you to paradigm-shift your reality, utilizing the Law of Attraction.  As a result, you learn to masterfully create your ideal life moment-by-moment with enthusiasm, peace, ease, fun, confidence, and enjoyment.

“Working with Tom was an uplifting experience. Tom listens well, and allows his sessions to be a two-way teaching and learning experience. The benefit I notice most immediately is higher spirits and increased motivation to be connected with people and with life. This comes from following Tom’s recommendations to meditate, to name the things I am grateful for, and to substitute thoughts of a higher vibration for the thoughts that discourage and de-energize me. Thank you, Tom!”
- Charlie Berger

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5 Key Transformations I address with my clients


▪  Going from living in Fear, Worry & Anxiety…to Ease & Well-Being.

▪  Going from Struggling & Being Stuck…to Feeling Empowered, Relaxed, & Enjoying a Fun,  Forward Momentum.

▪  Going from having Money Woes…to having Wealth & Abundance.

▪  Going from Feeling Alone…to Being Socially Engaged & Your Own Best Friend -- 24/7.

▪   Going from the misery of Shame, Blame & Low Self-Worth…to Deep and Unconditional Self-Love.

My 3-Step Process of Personal Transformation, “The Inner Game of Conscious Creation”

In your coaching sessions, these three steps are interwoven in addressing your unique situation. This process was developed from my own 3-year personal transformation from my “dark night of the soul” to the bright light of a new day, and included each of the 5 Key Transformations mentioned above.  

Step One:  Letting Go Of Old Thinking/Old Habits/Old Stories

Recognize the Old Habits and Patterns of Thinking that aren’t working for you, (which are actually your resistance to a life that DOES work for you), and be willing to let go of that old way of thinking.

Step Two:  Recognition & Acceptance that Life is Designed to Work Beautifully

Adopt a broader, exciting, and more uplifting New Perspective of how the Universe - and your place in it - is perfectly designed for your benefit and your creative delight.

Step Three:  How To Create Your Own Reality/New Habits/New Stories

Learn and practice New Habits of thinking and being. Develop new, Better-Feeling Stories about yourself and your life. Here is where we dive into my tool-bag of over 50 Key Insights and Processes. You can incorporate New Habits that allow you to select fun, easy-to-use tools that resonate with you and your unique journey of transformation.

Living Your Dream Life

Man looking at Sky. You can have the life of your dreams. Manifest your beautiful visions.


Something in you KNOWS that you can have the life of your dreams, and I would love to accompany you on your joyful journey to manifesting your beautiful visions. 

Building positive momentum in moving forward with Joy and seeing results is key to the work I do with my clients.

Let me join you in learning how to stop telling the more limiting and uninspiring stories you have been telling yourself and others about what’s happening and what’s possible in your life. 

Let’s look at how you can begin to tell the story of the life you truly want to be living, and watch as that life magically becomes your new reality!


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Your Day Just Got Better! Learn 8 Ways to have Better Days Today!


    ▪    To what extent is your happiness actually in your control?
    ▪    Do you feel like the author of the story of your own life?
    ▪    How often do you think or talk about the solutions to your problems?
    ▪    Feeling good is easier than you might think.
    ▪    You can actually live a life of real happiness.
    ▪    The thoughts you choose and the feelings you have can create a joyful life.

8 Ways To Better Days offers important insights that will show you how how to create the life you’d prefer to be living, simply by changing your thinking and speaking habits!

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