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8 Ways To Better Days!                                   

By Tom Wells, Life Coach

The work that I do in my Life Coaching is based on the premise that each of us has a lot more involvement in creating our lives, each and every day, than we might imagine.

Consistently practicing these 8 Ways to Better Days has transformed my life and the lives of my clients in beautiful ways, and continue to do so every new day.

I hope you will deeply consider these Ways, and give them a chance to benefit your life too!  All it takes to change your life and to have more of what you want, is to think differently, and do so often enough that you feel differently.

So I Invite You To Consider…

  1. Start to notice and listen more carefully to what you say to yourself and others all day long. What are the “stories” that you're telling? Are they uplifting stories? Sad stories? Angry stories? Helpful stories? Do they make you feel good or bad? Did you know that the stories you tell, and the way you think, are having a huge influence on how your life is unfolding? Begin to notice how your thoughts and feelings are contributing to the reality you are experiencing—and whether or not it's the reality you want to keep experiencing. You have more flexibility with how you use your attention in every moment than you may realize. Whatever you are thinking now is having a powerful influence in how your life is going. The way you feel in any given moment is actually the outcome of your thoughts.

  2. Is it possible to think and talk a BIT more about solutions and a BIT less about Problems? Telling yourself and others things that don't feel good when you’re saying them, might actually be keeping the vibration of those negative things alive in your life and in the lives of others. Do you want to keep doing that?
  3. Tell and Imagine “Better-Feeling Stories” about your life. This can automatically bring about a better-feeling life! Spend more time thinking about, talking about, imagining, and feeling into the things you would prefer to see and feel more of in your life. This is the key to bringing more of those things alive in your experience. Sometimes, it takes practice to feel good feelings, even before conditions have changed, but it’s totally worth it!
  4. Notice what message your language, your choice of words, is sending to yourself and to others. Is it what you want more of, or less of in your life?  Could you say it in a way that illustrates more of what you want to have happening and less of what you don’t want to have happening?
  5. Notice the effect that the News or other Negative Media has on you. Is all of this helping you feel more—or less—of what you want to be feeling? You might want to consider changing up the amount or type of media you consume, and notice whether or not it helps you become more attuned to who you want to be in the world. What kind of vibration are YOU broadcasting? It does matter.
  6. Decide to stop making yourself “wrong” no matter what is happening in your life. Choose to back off on those thoughts and feelings of blame, shame or guilt. Instead, make a decision that you are your own best friend (the best friend you’ll ever have, by the way), who is 100% worthy of love, acceptance and forgiveness! You’ll be amazed at how this can change your life.
  7. Set your intentions every morning. When you first wake up every morning is the perfect moment for you decide how you want your day to go. Even before you get out of bed, let yourself think about, and feel into, the good feelings and things you want to experience in this new day. Start noticing how positive intentions in your mind, and positive feelings in your body change your life for the better over the days and weeks to come. This may take some practice at first, but believe me, it’s a worthwhile habit!
  8. Make a conscious choice every morning to let your dominant intention for the day be to Feel Good. Make feeling good the #1 item on your “To Do” list and reaffirm throughout the day that you are choosing to feel good in every situation that you possibly can. If feelings of anger, sadness, frustration and other similar feelings that don’t feel good come up, let yourself feel them fully, breathe into them, and when you can, reaffirm your choice to feel good. Ask yourself, "How can I feel better in this moment? What can I focus on that might give me a little ease? What can I pay attention to right now that might help me feel a little more hopeful and relaxed?”
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