My Public Speaking

Tom Wells Public Speaker. Shift your consciousness from struggle and frustration to happiness, peace, and relaxation.

I am happy to be a Speaker for your event or organizational need. My focus is on how teams and individuals can “Master the Inner Game of Conscious Creation”, a 3-Step Process that I developed for making paradigm shifts in consciousness in my own life, and the lives of my clients.

I seek to inspire audience members to live each new day refreshed and empowered in ways they may have never imagined before.  It’s all about how they can let the results they want to see in their lives flow easily to them, all the while having lots more fun and ease, and a lot less struggle and frustration. 

Speaking Topics

Tom delivers engaging talks such as:


 • From Angst and Fear…to Ease and Cheer

 • From Struggling and Stuck…to Creating your Own Good Luck

 • From Money Woes… to Abundance Flows

 • From Feeling Too Alone…to Coming Home

 • From Shame and Blame…to The Reason You Came


Tom has been speaking in front of a wide variety of groups for over 45 years, both as a director for a large non-profit community-based organization, and in conducting many seminars and workshops. He offers a uniquely warm, engaging, clarity, joy, and spiritual wisdom.



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