What I Offer My Clients

Cosmic truth, higher self. Discover an inspiring new vision of yourself as creative, blissful, and infinite.
  •   A reliable, trustworthy, highly approachable, and skillful coach, facilitator, uplifter, and co-creator of the life results you want, as well as a joyful journey in getting there.

  •   A compassionate, engaged, and attentive listener who meets you where you are at, accepting your pain and triumphs with no judgement or personal agenda.

  •   Insights into how many of your old habitual thoughts and feelings are incapable of allowing you to create the life you desire, and how you can change that.

  •  An inspiring new vision of yourself as an Infinite Being designed to use your imagination and feelings as powerful, fun, easy tools of creativity and transformation.

  •  Encouragement and guidance in your own discovery of what is already working well for you, and what your path of least resistance and most allowing going forward is.

  •  A focus away from your problems, pain and negative thoughts and emotions, and on to the better feelings you will have when you fully accept and move through whatever you are going through.

  •  The development of the ability to tell new “better-feeling stories” about the life you are creating and allowing, and how to affirm and become that person NOW.

  •  Training in how our emotions are our Internal Guidance System and how to skillfully use your Guidance System to move toward the life you desire.

  •   I help you realize that following your bliss really means, Following Your BLISS!

Reach for your light! Paradigm-shift from overwhelm and resistance, to relaxation, ease, enjoyment, play, joy.
  •  Practical experience of how your most fulfilling and creative life expression comes from the world of enjoyment, of fun, of play…less diligence and more relaxation, less angst and more ease, less resistance and more allowing.
  •   I show you how to take the seriousness and severity out of the pressure, demand, or expectation you may have been placing upon yourself or others.

  •   I demonstrate how Quantum Physics, Shamanism, and other Law of Attraction understandings of how life and the universe work, now invite you into living your life in wholly new ways based on paradigm shifts in your thinking and feeling.

  •   I offer and teach you easy, accessible, new tools, new understandings, key insights and effective processes to deeply instill within you the transformative process of moving from the old paradigm ways to the New Paradigm ways.

  •   Demonstrable “proof” that paying attention to your vibrational journey allows everything else to fall into place, and how your good feelings allow the results you want to appear.

  •   I coach and uplift you to come to your own realization and practical experience that being in JOY is the fundamental basis for unfolding your unique self-expression.

  •   Everything you need in order to BE, DO, and CREATE, whatever it is you desire in your life, your relationships, your job, your health, your business, your finances and your happiness!