Public Speaker & Life Coach
Talk Topic: From Angst to Ease
Benefits to the Audience:
Dissipate worry, anxiety, and fear
New perspectives to prevent worry
How to allow in ease and well-being
Daily practices that change lives
“Tom's ability to reach within and share himself, in groups or individual sessions, the wisdoms of true human nature, is captivating.  He is able to wrap his own experiences in the language of heart felt emotion and invite others to reflect on their lives for greater health and personal healing.”
Speaker Bio:
Tom has been speaking in front of a wide variety of groups for over 45 years, both as a director for a large non-profit community-based organization, and in conducting many seminars and workshops.  He offers a uniquely warm, engaging, clarity,  joy,  and spiritual wisdom.

Phone #: (303) 908-6935

Benefits to the Organizer:
Through stories of his own personal transformation and those of his coaching clients, Tom teaches that we are all more in charge of the way our lives are unfolding than we might currently believe.  He inspires people to take more control of creating the lives they want, and fullyenjoy the journey of getting there.