A Smorgasbord of Gratitude - by Tom Wells


Have you ever sat down with a piece of paper and a pen, and began to write a list of everything that you are truly grateful for?…the things that you feel like you really appreciate about your life? It's a fun exercise to do and I've done it a number of times, and I highly recommend it as a way to raise your vibration whenever you're in any kind of a situation where you feel like you want to get reoriented to your best energy and the full on power to go forward with all the possibilities of your life at your fingertips.

For me, what is key is to begin to recount the things that I'm grateful for. I can really get precise because there are so many things. I guess the greatest of all is probably my breath, because to be alive seems to be first and foremost! If we’re not alive then of course we wouldn't be having this discussion. So our breath going in and out is incredibly precious.

I like being simple. I like thinking of things that are sometimes so easy to take for granted. I like looking at the four walls that are surrounding me and the roof above and the floor below me, the room I'm in, and realizing that it's giving me so much comfort.  On a cold day when it's 20° outside, just to be able to be in a warm safe room is something I can appreciate so sincerely.

Sometimes when the weather is beautiful outside, and I don't want those four walls around me, then my gratitude flows to the chance to be outside, perhaps surrounded by trees, and rocky mountainsides, maybe sitting on the banks of the river bathed in brilliant sunlight, gazing at the clouds floating gently across a deep blue sky. There's so much to be grateful for when I'm out in nature… it feels like a smorgasbord of gratitude!

I love cultivating that sense inside myself that I do care really a lot about being in appreciation, about being thankful. It's funny to me how as human beings that seems to be the key to our thriving… not only our surviving… but our thriving!  And hey, even when we're trying to survive, if we can't feel gratitude, and are always at odds with what's around us, with what's going on in our environment, there's a pretty good likelihood that our “feeling at odds” vibration is going to lead us right into some kind of a disaster! 

And how about noticing our appreciation of other human beings?… That each one of us is a unique soul, if you will, occupying a human body, each of us on a unique journey. It's impossible to know what really is going on in the minds and hearts of other people. Of course we get some insight from what they tell us, just like you're getting insight right now into who I am, and if I listen to you speak for a while, I get some idea of who you are, but wouldn't you agree that’s still just a tiny fragment of who each of us really is?  There’s a lot more to appreciate in each other if we take the time.

It's kind of funny that we’re sort of like these lone travelers, yet at the same time, we all seem to be traveling together through this lifetime, hopefully sharing a lot of good times with each other. That seems to be one thing that makes our journey here so worthwhile, at least it is to me, when I'm able to share beautiful times with other people… laughter, music, food, dance, good conversation… the things people all around the world have enjoyed together for countless centuries…