How Good CAN You Actually Feel? - by Tom Wells

Ever wonder just how good you can actually feel?  Is your normal daily consciousness filled with ease and deliciously good feelings for most of your day and night?  If not, would you like to feel that way most of your days?  I know I would.

Today I was realizing for a few moments just what might be possible.  I was feeling so still inside, just sitting in my living room chair, gazing at the light highlighting each slat of the closed wooden blinds, the morning sun penetrating in precise lateral beams surrounding the outline of each slat.  And in that moment I knew such deep fulfillment and happiness, such gratitude to our Grandfather Sun, illuminating my open heart and mind with that old “peace that surpasses all understanding”.

And in those moments I knew that this love, this kindness, this ease is with me, with us, all the time.  It’s so reassuring to know that; so hopeful, so encouraging, so simple, so joyful.  It’s all just up to me, so it seems; my letting go, my relaxation, my stopping all my busyness, my choosing to be still inside, to be home, to not be going anywhere at all, though I suppose the journey is always moving inexorably on, happily on, easily on, like that gentle river of light, flowing there before my eyes, so beautiful, so endless, so full.