Change Your Belief In What Is - by Tom Wells

Everything we experience throughout the day is filtered through our perception, which is colored, informed and shaped by our BELIEFS of what we think “IS”.

What "IS" is actually all malleable. The entire Universe is moving as a fluid experience. It is a work in progress. The vibrations of our old beliefs, which are previous thoughts repeated in the present, are coloring and causing all that we think is fixed as “IS”; "the hard facts of reality” as we say.

Whereas, if those beliefs/thoughts and their resulting feelings were different, if we were vibrating with different thoughts, then we’d see another “reality”.  For our purposes here, let’s not think so much in terms of the reality of trees and rocks and cars and chairs, but rather in terms of the “hard realities” we assign to our daily lives. This includes our feelings, thoughts, and the causes and effects we are seeing in our lives.

So the key is to think and feel more of what we prefer, and think and feel less of what we don’t prefer.  Be someone who looks forward! 

Perhaps that is what Life “really” IS.