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What if you really are here as the creator of your life experience?

What if it's possible to live a life of


This is a vibration-based Universe that we all live in. Conscious Creation, a.k.a. the Universal Law of Attraction, operates according to the principal that like vibrations attract like vibrations. Fear attracts more fear. Worry attracts more worry. Anger attracts more anger. But also...Joy attracts more joy. Ease attracts more ease. Abundance attracts more abundance.

As a Life Coach, my goal is to uplift, inspire, soothe, and support you in understanding that your greatest visions, hopes, and intentions for a joyful and fulfilling life, are already present within you.

It’s all up to the choices you make in each moment to reach for the next best-feeling thought or action.

Aurora Borealis. Life Coaching. Learn to create your life as a beautiful, enjoyable journey.


I teach that you are more in charge of the way your life is unfolding than you might currently believe, and that it is you who is creating the current “reality” you are experiencing.

And...most importantly, you are never “wrong” for whatever you have created or are now creating as your life. There’s nothing wrong with you when you’re feeling anxious and struggling against yourself.

In a metaphysical sense, wherever you are at is is exactly where you are meant to are always in the right time, at the right place, in the right way.

It is entirely possible to take control of directing your life toward the manifestations of your deepest desires.

It’s all about chilling out, having a lot more fun… allowing yourself to follow your path of least resistance, and doing a lot more of what feels good to you.

It’s all about learning to enjoy the journey of getting there as much as the anticipated end-result.


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Tom Wells Photo. Tom helps you manifest your ideal lifestyle, doing what you love.


Tom lives in Colorado, where along with Life Coaching and Public Speaking, he likes to do a lot of dancing, hiking, mountain biking, guitar playing, comedy improv, and cooking.

Trained over the course of 6 years in three unique forms of Life Coaching, Tom has dedicated himself to the study and application of The Law of Attraction, or Conscious Creation, as his spiritual path and coaching training of choice.

Tom has developed the “Inner Game of Conscious Creation” that he uses with clients to help them manifest the lives that they want to live, doing what they love, living the lifestyle they want to live.

"Tom has done the kind of lifelong inner work that is the foundation of his ability to be a great observer of and catalyst for change. His desire to be of service to those who are struggling in their current situation or looking for the next step is sincere and powerful.”

- Susan Lind

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I have had the absolute pleasure of receiving coaching from Tom Wells. At the time I came to him I was needing direction in my career, finances and family. Tom taught me valuable skills that helped awaken my heart and mind to positive thinking and goal setting. I learned to enjoy the steps along the way . I learned to pause and smell the roses and enjoy living in each moment. Through Tom’s life coaching I have found better rest, improved relationships with others and a profound change in how I achieve my career goals. I have embraced my career with a renewed energy and joy. The skills Tom has taught me have led me to new achievements through my career that lead me to a greater level of financial freedom. Tom has been an asset in my continued growth. His knowledge of The Laws Of Attraction has enabled him to make a profound difference in how I approach each day.
Kimberly M. Kearney-Dustin

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Tom offers One Free 30-Minute Coaching Session!

What Happens During Your Free 30-Minute Session?

A highly engaging and inspiring half-hour where we focus on YOU

We’ll discover what situations are most pressing for you right now, such as:

▪ An important upcoming decision
▪ Money or career concerns
▪ A new vision for your life
▪ A personal challenge
▪ Relationship issues
▪ Your health
▪ A transition

Discover how to shift any situation, allow obstacles to dissolve, and create your dreams as reality.

Discover how to begin to develop a new perspective about yourself that is freeing, joyful, inspiring, and more fun than anything you have ever imagined.

You will leave the session renewed, re-energized, more hopeful, and ready to allow the life of your dreams to become a living reality!

“If you knew everything was really all right, and that it always has a happy ending, then you would not feel trepidatious about your future.

 - Everything is really so very all right! - 

If you could believe and trust that, then, immediately everything would automatically and instantly become all right.”

Abraham - Hicks

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Your Day Just Got Better! Learn 8 Ways to have Better Days Today!

▪ To what extent is your happiness actually in your control?
▪ Do you feel like the author of the story of your own life?
▪ How often do you think or talk about the solutions to your problems?
▪ Feeling good is easier than you might think.
▪ You can actually live a life of real happiness.
▪ The thoughts you choose and the feelings you have can create a joyful life.

"8 Ways To Better Days!" offers important insights that will show you how how to create the life you’d prefer to be living, simply by changing your thinking and speaking habits!

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